… to show people how beautiful they truly are. It doesn't matter who you are, everyone has a beauty to capture and a history to tell. Not every day is great, and sometimes we need to be reminded of those we love or have had the pleasure of loving throughout our lifetime. That which makes life worth living - relationships and the smiles they bring … that's what I seek to capture. Life lived. Life captured.

I'm a professionally trained photographer that worked with the United States Navy as a photojournalist from 2003-2008 and ensured history was preserved. Now I seek to capture a different kind of history. A personal one for each and every individual. If you're a photographer, let’s be nerdy and talk about gear and war stories. If you're a client in the making, let's chit chat and talk about the things you love and what makes you smile.

Thank you for visiting my personal project in creating and sharing beauty in the world around us.