Tips for Great Family Photographs



Wear something complimentary to your skin and coloring, but more importantly, wear something that makes you feel amazing. Great places to get inspiration from are Pinterest Boards, browsing around the website to see what you like, and your own closet. Sometimes the best finds are things we already have, just are not in the daily rotation.

Family Fun

Fun is the most important thing. When a smile is natural, it shows. Make the experience fun. Plan to arrive early so no one is rushed and plan a fun activity afterwards always goes far. Ice cream anyone? I can not over-emphasize this point. Relaxed, joyful participants will always photograph wonderfully. Don't go for perfect, go for relaxed and happy.

Snacks are Paramount

NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE is photogenic when they’re hungry and grumpy. Make sure all participants are well fed and rested for best results. I do not lie about this one. Food in the belly and ice cream on the brain go a long ways.


If we've already discussed an animal being in the photograph, there are few things we can do to ensure excellent results. Leashes. Have them on a short leash so we can pull it close for sit-down family photographs. Treats and noise. Feel free to bring a favorite bag of treats and a toy that always gets their attention.


Smiling Family Mini Session Springfield, ILFall Mini Sessions held in Springfield, IL. While there are many variables that go into amazing photo sessions, these basic suggestions will get you some excellent and beautiful smiles.