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Thanks so much for participating in Spring 2018 Mini Sessions! Below is the gallery of images captured.

Downloading Instructions
To download your images, click on one. Above the image you’ll see a download button. Click. Select “single” or “entire gallery.”
Social Media Usage Policy
Images are free to share to social media as long as they are accompanied by a link to the website ( Please feel free to share and post at will. If we’re connected, please feel free to tag me. This part isn’t mandatory, just brings me a smile to see what the favorites were :)
Printing Suggestions or any other professional print lab. They’re a few cents more expensive than Walgreens etc., but are well worth it. Stay away from drug-stores and any other kind of discount print lab.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Usually a phone-call is best so I can walk you through the task in question. So happy to see everyone this year! New and returning, it’s always a joy and a pleasure :)

Happy downloading!
Laura Rabe