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Jeff and Elizabeth approached me about photographing a wedding almost a year ago. Being a close friend of the bride’s family, I was overjoyed and ecstatic about the honor of being asked to capture their wedding day. Like most couples, they were not professional models and were not comfortable posing in front of a camera. That is absolutely a good thing when it comes to these kinds of sessions. While the self-perfect Facebook Selfie is cool for some, I don’t strive to capture that “thousand-mile stare” or the couple posing for Vogue. Together, we worked to capture the couple in all their honesty and giddiness at the aspect of getting married and sharing a life together. I felt we not only captured that idea, but so much more in the few hours we spent together. Thank you Jeff & Elizabeth for letting me capture these moments for you. I’m giddy with excitement as your wedding day approaches :) { St. Louis, MO Engagement Session}